Exploring DAISy (ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005)

DAISy (digital accessible information system) is a complex topic, but many resources exist to explain its facets.  For those who want to begin to learn more about DAISy, the home page of the DAISy Consortium is a great place to start (http://www.daisy.org/).  For those without a background in HTML and other similar computer languages, the article by Lynn Leith, “Reading the DAISY Way,” provides a good introduction to DAISy (http://www.digitaltalkingbook.com/publications/docs/20070315155100/intro-article1.html).  The “History of the DAISY Consortium” gives the background on the development of DAISy from its beginnings  (http://www.daisy.org/about_us/history.php).  Moto Kaneko’s story of his company’s involvement with DAISy illuminates one of the international contributions to the story of DAISy (http://www.daisy.org/stories/shinano-kenshi.php).   Gaeir Dietrich’ s synopsis in “DAISY 101”  provides an outline of DAISy’s essential features (http://www.digitaltalkingbook.com/publications/docs/daisy101/daisy_101.html).

DAISy fits into the larger context of digital book publication. The article by Janina Sajka and George Kerscher, “Surpassing Gutenberg – An AFB White Paper,” explains how DAISy fits into the larger world of digital publishing(http://www.afb.org/Section.asp?SectionID=4&TopicID=222&DocumentID=1224).  To receive updates on current events in the world of DAISY, subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter, “The DAISY Planet”  (http://www.daisy.org/news/newsletters/subscribe.php).

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