North Texas 23: Thing 4 – Flickr Mashups

Flickr Mashups are great fun!  Since I dabble in web design, the generators that create a palette, or a graphic of some kind could be very handy.  To create my mashup, I chose the Bead Art generator at Big Huge Labs(  I used a photograph that I took at a Wings of Freedom expo at the Denton Municipal Airport. Wings of Freedom is an organization of volunteers who maintain WWII era fighters and bombers and display them in host communities.  For a fee, you can take a ride. My picture had a decidedly blue cast, so I thought I would try the Bead Art generator.

World War II bomber photo as bead art

World War II bomber photo as bead art

The upload/insert button on mentioned that the caption would also be used as alternate text.  So, rather than use the title I gave the image (WildBlueBeads-WingsofFreedom), I deliberately used text that would be read descriptively by a screen reader.

As I interpret comments I’ve received on other e-mail lists, Flickr does not require alternate text input by someone uploading images – it automatically takes the caption (which may be something like IM00012) and copies it as alternate text.  Obviously, IM00012 would not describe an image in any way, except that it was the 12th of a set of images.

However, the Library of Congress for instance, which is a public site and may post on Flickr, most likely supplies appropriate alternate text information for its uploads.

So, as a courtesy to those who may use screen readers, please remember to provide appropriate alternate text on mashup images you create.


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