North Texas 23: Thing 9 – More Facebook

I followed through the items on Thing 9 – I requested that Carolyn Davidson Brewer from NTRLS become a “friend,” I joined three groups – two for PEO (a philanthropic, educational organization for women) that I belong to, and one for Boston Terriers (my favorite family dog was half Pekingese, half Boston), and I became a fan of Willie Nelson (after having been one for twenty years)!

I added the comments to my wall, and uploaded my Denton, Texas license plate picture as my ID for Mary Den.

Unfortunately, I had to enter Captchas several times to post comments. I loathe them, and it’s a feature that greatly decreases accessibility for people who use screen readers.

I understand the appeal of Facebook, and would use it if required to in a work situation or because a group I belonged to used it.  I may change my mind, but I don’t think I will use it otherwise after this project.  Other applications (I belong to several Yahoo groups and other email lists) seem to keep me quite busy.

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