North Texas 23: Thing 11 – Instant Messaging

Since I already have a Yahoo ID, I decided to sign in on Yahoo Messenger (      on my computer without downloading more software.  My user name is:   mbfamsearch.  I have never been involved in IM or texting, but would use it if necessary.  Email serves me well, and since most of my text communication requires the expression of concepts or topics with some complexity, it seems more compatible with my daily activities.

Apparently, from reading the tutorials, the web application doesn’t have as many features as the downloadable client, but your contact list is always accessible.  I would enjoy that feature.

Since I didn’t want to download a group of  IM clients, I created an account with Meebo ( – user name MaryDen,  again because I didn’t want to download more software.

I think knowing about the abbreviations used in IM is entertaining and the Webopedia site ( is interesting, and I will add it to my bookmarks.

None of the IM sites or computer-based IM sites are listed on Web2Access (, at this time, but I will add comments if that changes.

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