North Texas 23: Thing 13 – Tagging

After reading the Wikipedia article on tagging ( ),  I understand the concepts involved more clearly, although I understood the basics.

I first understood the utility of tagging on the Flickr project. For instance, a picture of a red rose against a red background of another shade might be important to some because the picture is a rose; the red background would be of little importance. For others, the important concept would be the illustration of the color red using a red rose on a red background. Both the tag “red” and the tag “rose” could operate as the most important term, depending on the searcher.

I think tagging is a useful addition to standard subject headings in a library environment.  They can be very useful.

Web2Access does evaluate the tagging feature on some sites  ( but not on my blog site, WordPress.  The activity on Web2Access is called “Keywords Labeling Data.”  That may change, and I will post an update.

Web2Access rated Wikipedia ( as fairly accessible, overall, saying that  “On the whole these web pages tend to be screen reader accessible and navigable with a keyboard. The registration may need an e-mail to the administrator.”  The score for those with blindness/visual impairments was 73%, and for  partial visual acuity and visual stress, 78%. They  were lowered because any user may add content, without oversight as to whether or not the content was accessible.


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