North Texas 23: Thing 16 – LibraryThing

LibraryThing is terrific!  I opened an account last year, but had not done much with it.  It’s added several new features since I first signed up.  I like the concept that LibraryThing exists for books, not to sell books.  ThingLang, ISBNCheck, and MARCThing are clever applications that let people use the information that exists on their books to add detail to their libraries and listings.

Librarians Who LibraryThing was very interesting, and I See Dead People’s Books is a clever way to let people see what influential members of society (past and present) read.

I can see LibraryThing serving perhaps as the catalog for a very small start-up library, or a one-person library.  I was once in that situation, and LibraryThing would have been a great tool!

If I had more time, I would add more of my own books to my profile.  I definitely intend to use it to find recommendations for future reading.

Web2Access does not review LibraryThing at this time, but if that changes, I will post an update.

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