North Texas 23: Thing 19 – Google Docs

I like Google Docs.  I had used it previously, and it was easy enough to learn. Actually setting up each of the different types of documents was easy enough as well. At first, I wasn’t paying close enough attention and when sharing didn’t notice the difference between sending to edit – showed up as sending to a collaborator, and sending to view – showed up as sending to a viewer. Another slightly confusing element was that forms were viewed under a spreadsheet heading.  I also learned that the document box had to be checked in order to move that item to a folder.

One of the most appealing features is being able to have access to Windows Office type document creation tools from any computer, which can then be sent to your e-mail address for retrieval at your home computer.

I will add the Google Docs Blog ( ) to my RSS feeds.

Web2Access evaluated only the word processor (   Ratings were 67% for those with blindness/severe visual impairments, those with partial vision/visual acuity, and those with hearing impairments.  Google Docs was rated as fairly accessible with some weaknesses, and deficiencies varied according to the application used. The log-in used Captcha, which weakened the ratings, and it was also noted that it was necessary to know keyboard shortcuts for the best accessibility.


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