North Texas 23: Thing 21 – Podcasts

I enjoy podcasts and frequently download them from some of my favorite sites.  I’ve been a subscriber to Audible ( ) for a couple of years and really enjoy the ability to download books on my MP3 player. While it’s not exactly a podcast, it’s very similar. I think all of the sites listed on the North Texas 23: Podcasts page (The Library Success Wiki Podcasting Page, PodCast Alley, and the The Education Podcast Network) have material that I want to explore.

I decided to download Juice ( as my podcatcher.

Apodder ( – for assistive podcatcher was the first podcatcher listed on the page given at North Texas 23: Podcasts. Web2Access doesn’t review applications that are downloaded and reside on computers at this time.  Nevertheless, Apodder may offer an option for the partially sighted.

Those with hearing impairments would seem to be the most disadvantaged by the lack of a print alternative to the podcast content.


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