North Texas 23: Thing 23 – Reflection

Since I don’t have a severe visual impairment (I wear eyeglasses) or severe hearing impairment, I didn’t experience any extensive difficulties with the sites.  However, I was annoyed because so many of the sites use Captcha in their log-in procedures.  That’s enough to make me avoid them.

I found Flikr, Facebook, delicious, LibraryThing, Libworm, the RSS feed aggregators and the podcast aggregators to be informative projects, and will explore them further and continue to use them.

The project also prompted me to start this blog;  I will probably keep it, although I may integrate it with a website so that any content I post will be accessible to people with visual and hearing impairments.

It’s disconcerting to learn that while so many of the sites we explored could easily be accessible to people with disabilities, thought wasn’t given to making the sites accessible from the start.

While I consider the project to have been worthwhile, I hope that future efforts will include a component explaining the concepts of accessibility for people with disabilities.


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